Panorama view from Isle of Skye, May 2007   
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This is a personal website, created by me Jonathan Topping, mainly as an online portal for my nature photos, but also hosting various other things too.

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Me amongst alder Alnus glutinosa scrub, Wigan Flashes LNR

I am continually updating this site with new photos and content when I get the chance. So please come back again soon, when hopefully there shall be new stuff added. Please note that some parts of this website are still under construction.


Latest Update:

October 2013 - Unfortunately, due to undesired changes in my life, I've not updated this website in a long time. Sadly, as my health and lifestyle continues to decline, this is likely to worsen.

There will probably not be any updates for a while as I can no longer spare the time or energy to commit to this project. I will maintain the website 'as is', in the hope that things may yet get better in my life.

Thank you for visiting.

  - Jonathan Topping.  Author,


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